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Tales from Missouri
Timeless Short Stories by Ross Malone

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Books for Adults and Students about Life in Missouri

Ross Malone is a retired teacher and historian who has lived in the state’s largest cities as well as several small towns and on a farm. His experiential background gives him a broad and unique perspective which reveals itself in his short stories. 

A Witty and Revealng Look at Our Unique Heritage

Even the stories of modern Missouri have a deeper meaning through the lens of our colorful history.

You know that Missouri is called the "Show-Me" State and the Cave State. But did you know that it has also been nicknamed the Lead State, the Iron State, the Center State, and the Outlaw State? During the Honey War we were called the Puke State.

Didn’t know about the Honey War? How about the Slickers War or our state’s Heatherly War? Of course we have also witnessed the Mormon War, the Missouri-Kansas Border War, and the Civil War.

Malone writes about famous people from Missouri but even more about all those wonderful Missourians who should be famous.

And there was fussin’ and feudin’ and fightin’ and killin’ and misbehavin’. The bad guys and gals are in the books too.

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Recent News

Tales From Missouri and the Heartland has been selected for the recommended Book List of Missouri Life Magazine. It, along with four other books about Missouri, has also been placed in the "Author's Alley" of the Missouri Association of School Librarians.

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Do you need a speaker for your next meeting?Ross Malone is a former teacher, salesman, and radio host who will appreciate any opportunity to lead the discussion with your group about:

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